Pop Up Dinner & Demonstration
with Chef Moshe Gamlieli

A pre-passover dinner special straight from Jerusalem to Union Square.

A pre-passover feast with acclaimed chef Moshe Gamlieli, the owner and head chef of Mona Restaurant in Jerusalem


Just a Tease: Appetizer
Tomato sashimi with fresh Labane, Zaatar and Chili
Mid Course 
Winter Vegetable Tartar
in a tarragon Vinaigrette 
Sea bass, fresh spinach and aromatic Palestinian stock served with creme fresh and lemon zest shavings 
The Real Deal
Ocean fish risotto served on charred eggplant in a Buerre Noisette sauce
Artichoke and Persian lemon stew with caramelized beef Szechuan 
Freshly baked breads and wine will accompany the meal. 

*For dietary restrictions please inform us and we will gladly accommodate 

When: Wednesday March 28th 6:30 PM

Where: Ny Loft, Union Square

Price: $140 PP

Meet the Chef - Moshe Gamlieli

Moshiko Gamlieli is rising to the peak of the culinary scene in Israel and is keen on making sure that food fans know that Tel Aviv is not the only culinary hub that Israel has to offer. Formerly from one of Israels iconic restaurants, Machne Yeduda, Gamlieli is now the head chef and owner of Mona and one of the leading names in Israeli cuisine. He will be celebrating the meals before Passover begins with us and we are so excited to host him and his team at Mekomee Eats.