Israeli Dessert Celebration with Chef Ofer Ben Natan

Israeli Dessert Celebration with Chef Ofer Ben Natan

Come join us as we take a culinary journey into Israeli classic desserts

A Traditional Middle Eastern dessert.
These bite size semolina cookies are melt in your mouth bites filled with dates and roasted nuts
Homemade Creambo
 The quintessential
Israeli dessert.
A mountain of meringue with a cookie crust covered in chocolate
Bee Sting Cake
We will transport you back to Israel of the 1970’s with this classic cake topped with a crunchy almond crust
Halva Brioche
A rich and flavorful
pastry filled with sweet Tahini aka Halva
Berries Malabi 
This creamy milk-based pudding is one of Israel’s most popular desserts. We are going
berry chic with it

Cooking  Workshop

Thursday April 19th 6:30 PM  – 09:00PM

6 west 20th st

Hosting Chef Ofer Ben Natan
a special Israeli dessert

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Meet the Chef - Ofer Ben Natan

An Israeli confectionery Chef,  Ofer leads the Tel Aviv based,  Backdoor Bakery
and is the dessert Chef for the eclectic Nithan Thai restaurant. 
Ofer works with classic french techniques and adds an Asian fresh twist
to create a unique dining experience.