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We Love & Launch

By Morielle Lotan 

February 14th, 2018

I’ve never been someone that celebrates Valentine’s day. It just never really speaks to me. Maybe at a younger age it was because I never had a valentine,(boo-hoo) and then as I grew up and became a bit too cynical for my own good, it just seemed to be a day that was insignificant. I mean, love should be expressed every day, right? Buying flowers and chocolate can be something we not only give to others but to ourselves.

In the last few years, I’ve just decided that any reason to celebrate is good enough reason to do just that. Celebrate. No philosophical explanations, no deep understanding or a critique of the capitalist hallmark system that’s been selling candy since the day after Christmas. Who cares?  Love and be loved right?

So, for this special moment in time, and right about I launch what is undoubtedly a website that is a childhood dream come true- a culinary hub- for foodies, I bring to you this amazingly gorgeous red kiss created by the amazing @alonshabo. It’s pretty enough to print and hang in your kitchen, but if you really want to challenge yourselves you can roll up your sleeves and take a crack at trying to make it yourselves. Tomorrow I’ll share another sweet recipe that will be a bit easier to take on, and in the real spirit of love. Sometimes it’s challenging, and others it’s kind of easy. What is certain is that it is beautiful. Happy Valentine’s Day.