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This week, we’lll talk about super foods  and why they deserve their super title. 

A sweet welcome by Morielle Lotan

The Perfect Bite:What We've Been Eating while You're at Work



Have you ever stalked someone? I have a new obsession and if Jean Georges finds out, I might be in trouble

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The River Cafe

If the view isn't enough reason to dine in this classic NYC staple, maybe spotting Rod Stewart while listening to Frank Sinatra will be


The Fire Behind Nur

Meir Adoni opens up about climbing the culinary ladder


Egg Shop

Brunch will never be the same again. Why standing in line for a fried chicken sandwich makes a whole lotta sense

Po Ve Sham:
Mekomee Recipes

french kiss recipe

A Valentine Kiss

A recipe to remember

Po Ve Sham:
Mekomee Recipes


No-Knead Bread

Baking can be challenging, but as @misspetel teaches us, some techniques are easy to master. A simple bread recipe to love and live by.

Up Close & Personal:
The Human Factor


Entrepreneurship & Israeli Fast Food

The Israeli food scene is about to get a boost of speed with a new fast food option and the female founder who has fire under her touches .

Be well


A Green Routine

Start your week off well with a new entry by Ilana Lotan who shares her green smoothie recipe


e-terview with Legally

Why settle for not understanding legal contracts? These Israeli founders have found a a way to make your life easier by interpreting legal language and making sure you get it.

My Point of View: Founders Blog


Up Close & Personal with Ifat Aharon

Founder & CEO of ATD - and our very own Web Goddess

e-terview with WawiMama

WawiMama, an organic baby teether is the brain child of Ayelet Klein, an Israeli mompreneur.